Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter’s Basilica (R.Ex-1)
Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & Visit On Your Own (R.Ex-2)
St. Peter’s Basilica & Walking Tour (R.Ex-3)
Rome & Its Underground Mysteries (R.Ex-4)
"Angels And Demons" Adventure: The Best Kept Secrets Of Rome (R.Ex-5)
Train Transfer To Rome (R.Ex-6)
St. Peter’s Basilica & Visit On Your Own (R.Ex-7)
Nero’s Golden House, Spanish Steps & St. Peter Basilica (R.Ex-8)
Borghese Gallery, St. Peter’s Basilica & Time On Your Own (R.Ex-9)
Highlights Of Rome (R.Ex-10)
Super Roma (R.Ex-11)
St. Angel’s Castle And St. Peter’s Basilica (R.Ex-12)
Sacred Churches And Profane Life In Ancient Rome (R.Ex-13)
Tour Code: R.Ex-5
"Angels And Demons" Adventure: The Best Kept Secrets Of Rome

This shore excursion gives you the opportunity to experience the ROMA EXPRESS a private, comfortable, fast and luxury train, the new and exclusive way for cruise guests to discover the fascinating eternal city. Enjoy a ride through the marvellous countryside, assisted by your escort and delighted by classical music.

Once in Rome, this tour will take you to the sites which have inspired Dan Brown in his world famous novel “Angels and Demons”, a new experience for those who wish to have different views of the Eternal City, discovering pagan symbolism and ancient secrets through some of the most important monuments in Rome.

You will start your adventure from St. Peter’s station where you will meet your guide and board the coach to be transferred to the first Altar of Science: Chigi Chapel in Santa Maria Del Popolo. You will visit the famous Piazza del Popolo and the interesting church of Santa Maria del Popolo were Bernini decided to place the first hint to reach the site where the Illuminati used to meet.

To reach the second Altar of the Science, you will be transferred to St. Peter’s Basilica and Square. Enjoy the guided visit of the Christendom’s most magnificent church, begun in 1452 on the site where St. Peter was buried. Throughout the following 200 years, such Renaissance masters as Bramante, Michelangelo, Raphael and Bernini worked on its design and created an unparalleled masterpiece. Of special note are Michelangelo’s Pietà and the bronze canopy over the high altar by Bernini. The immense dome was designed by Michelangelo.
Once in St. Peter’s square your guide will point to you the second hint to reach the third Altar of the Science following Bernini’s symbols.

Boarding the coach you will be transferred to one of the most Baroque church in Rome, Santa Maria Della Vittoria, where the famous statue by Bernini, “The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa”, will give you the direction to reach the fourth altar of the Science in Piazza Navona.

Here you will enjoy some free time for lunch, before continuing the paths of the Illuminati.

Your guided tour will continue to the Pantheon and to the fourth Altar of the Science in Piazza Navona where the famous statue of the four rivers by Bernini will give you the last hint to reach the fifth Altar of the Science where the Illuminati used to meet.

The coach will transfer you to St. Angel’s Castle where you will finally visit the secret place where the Illuminati used to have their meetings.

Your tour ends with a drive to St. Peter’s Station where Roma express is going to take you back to Civitavecchia. A courtesy service may be offered on board under request.