Excavations Of Pompeii And Sorrento Historical Centre (with lunch) (N.Ex-1)
The Excavations Of Pompeii And Vesuvius Volcanic Cone (with lunch) (N.Ex-2)
Excavations Of Pompeii Half Day (N.Ex-3)
Sorrento Historical Centre Half Day (N.Ex-4)
Vesuvius Volcanic Cone Half Day (N.Ex-5)
Tour Code: N.Ex-3
Excavations Of Pompeii Half Day

After docking at Angioino Pier, guests will be met by our guides to be transferred by deluxe coach to the Circumvesuviana railway station of Porta Nolana.
Here Napoli Express will depart to Pompeii. On the route, passengers will enjoy the particular sightseeing of Vesuvius landscapes, while our expert guides will tell the history and some curious anecdotes of the territory: the fabulous villas of Miglio d’Oro, the ruins of Herculaneum, Pompeii, the suggestive views of the coastline, and, far away, the magic of Mt. Vesuvius.
On arrival guests will visit the worldwide famous archaeological jewel: ancient Pompeii. The houses, the shops, the thermal baths, and the Amphitheatre of the ancient Roman town have been preserved by the rain of ashes and lapilli from which they were totally covered.
After the visit, guests will take Napoli Express back to Naples at the end of the tour. Then, from the railway station of Porta Nolana will be transferred to the ship by deluxe coach.